Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide quality goods and produce fresh from the farm. We operate with a mission to benefit both the environment and the community while offering pure Northwest Michigan produce directly to our customers.

Our Vision

BrixStone Farms operates with a passion to preserve and continually cultivate the precious Northwest Michigan farmland. It is imperative to satisfy consumers and the environment simultaneously, finding the balance is accomplished by being good stewards of the land. Good practices include harvesting maple syrup from the forest while keeping wildlife habitat intact and planting new orchards at higher densities requiring less ground. Another unique practice around BrixStone Farms is the use of windbreaks and careful management of wooded parcels. Forested lands serve as critical infrastructure to maintain proper soil composition and drainage while also yielding sweet maple sap to create BrixStone Maple Syrup. Harvesting from the woods and the orchards is what keeps BrixStone moving forward, truly capturing all that every season has to offer.