Our Photo Gallery is updated constantly with photos from all seasons. Enjoy the sights of BrixStone Farms™ now:

                                                                                             Blooming Cortlands at BrixStone

Orchard In Bloom 

                                                                                        New planting of Honeycrisp and Gala surrounded by tart cherries and maple forest                                                      

Winter at BrixStone Farms

Snow-covered apple trees at BrixStone Farms


Winter at BrixStone Farms

The barn at Brixstone Farms


Winter at BrixStone Farms

Picturesque Western Michigan snowfall


Winter at BrixStone Farms

Owner Keaton Foster checks out the snow covered apple trees in the orchard

BrixStone Farms ™, located in Bear Lake, Michigan is a unique and picturesque apple orchard. The farm has provided fruitful harvests for over 100 years and is open to the public during each fall harvest. The rolling hills and close proximity to Lake Michigan allows for multiple varieties of apples, cherries and peaches to thrive. Stay tuned to the photo gallery for new images from every season at BrixStone Farms!

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