Apples at Brixstone

BrixStone Farms is proud to present an abundant selection of apples! From the crisp bite of early varieties to the robust sweetness of late-season picks, each apple embodies the dedication and expertise of our growers. Explore the characteristics of our featured apple variety below:

Early September:


Paula Red:

The Paula Red apple is a variety of apple known for its distinctive appearance and flavor. This apple typically has a vibrant red skin with occasional streaks of yellow or green. The flesh of the Paula Red is creamy white, crisp, and juicy. It's often described as having a mildly tart flavor with a hint of sweetness, making it a popular choice for fresh eating as well as for use in baking or cooking.

Ginger Gold:

The Ginger Gold apple is a unique variety distinguished by its golden-yellow skin with a slight blush and crisp texture. Its appearance is often likened to a ripe lemon. The flesh of the Ginger Gold is creamy white and exceptionally juicy. This apple offers a sweet and mildly tart flavor profile, with a hint of spice reminiscent of ginger, hence its name. With a crisp texture that holds up well in pies and salads, these early-season gems add a delightful crunch to your favorite dishes.

Premier Honeycrisp:

Everything you love about Honeycrisp apples…just three weeks sooner! Its flesh is creamy white and exceptionally crisp, with a burst of juice in every bite. Premier Honeycrisp apples are celebrated for their perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, creating a refreshing and satisfying flavor profile. These apples are popular for fresh eating due to their juicy crunch, but they can also be used in various culinary applications, including salads, desserts, and even cider production.





Gala apples typically have a yellow-orange base color with pink to red stripes or blushes covering a portion of the fruit's surface. Their skin is often smooth and glossy, making them visually appealing. Inside, the flesh is creamy yellow and juicy, with a crisp and firm texture. In terms of taste, Gala apples offer a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness, although they tend to be sweeter than tart. Their flavor is often described as honey-like or floral, with subtle hints of pear.


McIntosh apples have a deep red or burgundy skin with green undertones, often covered in small patches of russeting. Their appearance can vary, sometimes displaying a slightly irregular shape. Inside, the flesh is creamy white, juicy, and tender. They offer a balance of sweetness and tartness, with a hint of floral notes and a refreshing juiciness and their soft texture makes them an excellent choice for applesauce and cider.

Ruby McIntosh:

Also called RubyMac, the apple is a medium sized. It is strikingly red in appearance, with cream to light green colored flesh. They have a balance of sweetness and tartness. This variety produces a very firm, yet juicy and crisp texture.


Late September:


Golden Delicious:

Renowned for their golden-yellow skin and honeyed sweetness, Golden Delicious apples are a staple in orchards worldwide. They have a sweet flavor profile, which often has subtle hints of honey and floral notes. They generally have low acidity, making them less tart than some other apple varieties. This sweetness, combined with their crisp texture, makes Golden Delicious apples excellent for both fresh eating and cooking.


Jonathan apples typically have a bright red skin with occasional touches of green or yellow. The skin is often slightly rough in texture. Their shape is usually round or slightly conical, and they are medium to large in size. Inside, the flesh is creamy white, crisp, and juicy. Jonathan apples are known for their exceptional balance of sweetness and tartness.


A true crowd-pleaser, Honeycrisp apples are celebrated for their exceptional crunch and juicy, honeyed flavor. Their explosive crispness and refreshing taste make them a must-have for autumn festivities.

Mutusu Crispin:

A cross between the Golden Delicious and the Indo apple With a unique blend of sweetness and acidity, Mutusu Crispin apples offer a refreshing twist on traditional apple varieties. Their firm texture and complex flavor profile make them a standout choice for adventurous palates.


Combining the best traits of Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples, Jonagold apples boast a tantalizing blend of sweet and tart flavors. It typically has a yellow-green base color with red striping or blush. Their firm, juicy flesh makes them a versatile option for both eating fresh and cooking.


Early October:



It is characterized by its bright red skin, often with patches of green, and snowy white flesh and tangy-sweet flavor. Cortland apples are prized for their exceptional crispness and juiciness. Whether used in pies or enjoyed fresh, their firm texture and refreshing taste never disappoint.

Northern Spy:

The Northern Spy apple is a heritage variety renowned for its exceptional flavor and culinary versatility. It features a distinctive appearance with a deep red skin often covered in green or yellow patches. The flesh is creamy white, dense, and juicy, offering a crisp texture that is both firm and tender. Northern Spy apples are a favorite among bakers and cider makers alike. Their robust taste adds depth to pies and preserves, while their crunchy texture holds up well in storage.


A cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious, Empire apples offer the best of both worlds with their sweet-tart flavor and crisp texture. It typically features a vibrant red skin with occasional yellow-green undertones and small white lenticels (pores). The flesh is creamy white, crisp, and juicy, with a texture that strikes a balance between firm and tender. Whether eaten fresh or cooked, their well-balanced taste makes them a versatile choice for various culinary applications.


Mid October:


Ida Red:

With their bright red skin and tangy-sweet flavor, Ida Red apples are a standout choice for baking and cider making. Their firm flesh holds up well under heat, making them a reliable option for autumn treats.


Late October:



Originating from Japan, Fuji apples are celebrated for their crisp texture and sweet, honeyed flavor. Their firm flesh and extended shelf life make them a popular choice for fresh eating and dessert preparation.


A cross between Honeycrisp and Fuji, Evercrisp apples combine the best qualities of both parents with their explosive crunch and rich, sweet flavor. It typically features a bright red skin with occasional yellow or green undertones, often accompanied by small pores scattered across its surface. Whether enjoyed fresh or used in cooking, their exceptional taste and texture make them a standout choice for apple enthusiasts.


At BrixStone Farms, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of premium apples that showcase the best of each harvest season. From early-season favorites like Paula Red and Ginger Gold to late-season treasures like Fuji and Evercrisp, our orchards produce a little something for everyone! Whether you're craving a crisp snack or planning your next culinary masterpiece, our diverse array of apples provides endless inspiration for delicious creations.