BrixStone Maple Syrup is crafted in small batches over a wood fire, creating delicious maple products with unique flavor profiles. The art of making Maple Syrup runs deep in our family heritage and has become a valued tradition for decades. Keaton, owner of BrixStone Farms has produced syrup since his youth and the trade has brought him all over the country where he has worked in New York, Vermont, and Wisconsin producing quality maple products.

The BrixStone farmstead features a newly constructed sugarhouse that is built to comply with all modern food safety standards. BrixStone Maple is inspected through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to ensure that the product is pure and safe for human consumption.

The Land

The rolling hills and abundance of maple forests throughout the farm provide for bountiful harvests of maple sap each spring. Currently producing from 2,000 trees, BrixStone utilizes modern vacuum collection systems to maximize yields while minimizing damage to the trees. These systems consist of food-grade tubing that transports sap directly from the tree to the sugarhouse. This process fosters cleanliness and minimizes potential contamination.

We also make granulated maple sugar, an all-natural alternative to refined sugars. Maple sugar is made by simply heating syrup to a higher temperature and then rapidly stirring until all water content is removed. Our maple sugar is made in small batches and provides the perfect sweetener in recipes, drinks, and glazes.